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Assisted Places

A St George's education is an incredible gift that stays with our students for the rest of their lives.

By supporting this Branch, you could help fund Assisted Places and give this incredible gift to bright children who otherwise would have missed out on the opportunity to be part of our wonderful inclusive school.

You could help give the gift of a St George’s education... A St George’s education...

Stays with you for the whole of your life. It’s an incredible gift for those who have been lucky enough to experience all that our excellent school has to offer. Sadly, many bright and talented children have to miss out on this enriching start in life due to various different circumstances. The “Assisted Places” giving branch is your opportunity to give the gift of a formative St George’s education to bright children who we believe have the potential to flourish here. We currently fund 43 part- or fully-funded Assisted Places but we would like to offer more. To fully fund an Assisted Place from age 11 through to completion of the Sixth Form costs around £130,000. By supporting Assisted Places, you can help give talented children whose parents cannot pay fees a Georgian education that will shape their entire lives and careers.