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St George's is constantly evolving and adapting. By supporting this Branch, named after our founder, Constant Van Crombrugghe, you can help make sure that we are equipped and prepared for whatever the future brings.

You could help us prepare for the future...

Because we can’t predict what the future will bring, both at our campuses in Weybridge and for the UK as a whole, it’s imperative that we have the resources we need to overcome any challenges we might face so that we can continue to provide an outstanding education to our students. That’s why we launched the Constant giving branch. When you make an unrestricted gift to the Constant giving branch, you can be sure that it will be used wherever the School's need is greatest.

This may be for smaller capital projects such as lighting for the rugby pitches or recently, for providing wooden study carrels for the new library extension. Please allow our current and future Georgians to become the best versions of themselves by helping us to realise our vision of excellence for our school.

Who was Constant van Crombrugghe

Constant van Crombrugghe founded the Catholic order of Josephites in 1817 for the Christian instruction and education of young people. The hallmark of Josephite Schools is their ‘family spirit’. As it says in van Crombrugghe’s obituary:

“His boarding school was all about being a family…the fraternal relationships between the pupils themselves and their filial affection and regard for their teachers and their Headmaster enabled them to discover in a real way a gentleness within the school…His spirit will continue to animate the schools he has founded.”

Today, that family spirit lives on here at St George’s and will long into the future. That’s why we’ve named this Giving Branch after Constant van Crombrugghe.