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St George’s Weybridge Old Georgian Lourdes Bursary Fund

To provide financial support to Old Georgians to enable their continued participation in the annual St George's College Pilgrimages to Lourdes.

To celebrate 150 years of Georgian education, we are launching an opportunity for our Georgian Family to help young OGs fund their trip to the annual Lourdes Pilgrimage. We would like to make it possible for an OG to afford to volunteer to look after Pilgrimage guests when they travel to Lourdes.

The Pilgrimage takes place in Easter week and every year the OG volunteers raise money themselves to fund their trip which costs around £900.  We know that many struggle to raise the funds needed, particularly if they have other commitments, are still in education or just starting their careers. 

"Being able to help and contribute on the trip is amazing and if I was unable to do that due to financial situations I would be really disappointed.  A bursary would help ensure this didn't happen and any donations would therefore benefit volunteers."
Young OG volunteer

We hope to build a fund which can help subsidise the cost of the trip for young volunteers.  The Pilgrimage is a life changing experience not only for the volunteers but most importantly for the Pilgrimage guests.

Please help by making a donation - Thank you!

“I know Chrissie is safe and happy when she goes to Lourdes.  She really looks forward to the week because it’s a big grown up adventure for her.”  
Susie, parent of a Pilgrimage guest.